Monthly Archives: September 2017

What’s a SPAM Server?

Spam emails can come in many forms. Some might claim you’ve won a prize while others may come from a reliable email address that was simply hacked. Either way, you should be wary. Spam email can infect your computer with viruses that can destroy your computer software or even gain access to sensitive and personal…
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Email Security & Its Role in Web Hosting

When it comes to building and hosting your new website, email capabilities and security usually aren’t top of mind for most business owners. The design and development of the site are often the higher priority as it takes planning, strategy, and skill to get a website ready to launch. It is not until the page…
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Recommendations on Securing Your Website

You decided on a website domain and even picked it out, but now you have another issue to worry about, securing your website. It can be so easy for hackers to breach your website and trace it with click bait or bugs. Here are some tips for securing your newly acquired website. Update Your Software…
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