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Internet Non-Profits & How They Work with Your Type of Business

Deciding to partner up with a non-profit is something that businesses have been doing for a long time. With the rise of the internet, many non-profits have been able to expand their reach and offer even more to businesses. However, not every business does this, as they aren’t really sure how a non-profit works with…
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Brute Force Attacks and How They Affect Your Hosting Service

Brute force attacks are one of the more common techniques hackers use to try to gain access to websites. Basically, a brute force attack is an attempt at gaining access by repeatedly trying different password combinations. Hackers tend to use programs for this as they can perform a large amount of attempts in a short…
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Why You Need to Check Your Spam Email Settings and How They Work.

Whether you like it or not, spam is an issue that everybody with an email address deals with. Thankfully there are spam filters for just about every email platform and they do a pretty good job. However, sometimes one gets through or on the opposite end of the spectrum, a legit email will get sent…
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Are You Happy with Your Server’s Response Time?

Speed is king when it comes to browsing the internet. In order to ensure that your website does not suffer from being sluggish it is important that your server has a fast response time. The chance of a user leaving your website increases as the load time does, which is a major problem. However, there…
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