Are You in Need of a Website Transfer?

You’ve updated your website and added some videos, pictures, graphics, and other bells and whistles. You go to the site and it’s taking a very long time to load your home page, not good. It may be time to transfer your website to a better host. Why Transfer Your Website?  Speed is everything when it…
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How is Net Neutrality Affecting your Website Speed?

Whether you know exactly what it is or not, you are sure to have heard of Net Neutrality and the drama surrounding the repeal of it. Net Neutrality is the principle that ensures internet service providers (ISP’s) do not have influence over how users may lawfully use their network. This includes slowing down certain websites…
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Are You on the Cloud Hosting Bandwagon?

The cloud, the mysterious cloud. Everyone has heard of it, but not many know exactly what it is. And now we have cloud hosting. So what is cloud hosting? Is it worth it, does it work, is it secure? Glad you asked! Let’s break it down to see why the cloud is making such a…
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