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Why You Need to Check Your Spam Email Settings and How They Work.

Whether you like it or not, spam is an issue that everybody with an email address deals with. Thankfully there are spam filters for just about every email platform and they do a pretty good job. However, sometimes one gets through or on the opposite end of the spectrum, a legit email will get sent…
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Why You May Want to Consider Email Spam Checkups

Oh, email spam - everybody receives it and there is a lot of it. Usually, spam’s purpose is to sell you some type of medicine or let you know you’ve “won” something. Though spam may seem mildly annoying, it can actually be quite sinister. Simply opening a spam email can cause harm to your computer,…
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Protecting Your Email Password Resets

One thing that has become obvious about hackers and spammers is that they are becoming more and more creative when it comes to getting around security features. If there is a way to bypass it, they will probably find it. One way that this has been happening for some time is by spoofing an email…
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