Domain Name Research & Your Brand

Setting up your own website for your company is an important step in becoming successful in today’s business world. But even before you start designing your site and planning out all of your pages, there is an important step that must be completed—namely, your domain name research.

Too often, companies take a “slapdash” approach to choosing a domain name and, as a result, they end up with something that is too cumbersome or not closely related enough to their business to be successful.

Here’s what you need to know about domain name and the link to your brand:

What’s in a name?

When it comes to picking a domain name, you have your work cut out for you. At the end of the first quarter of 2019, there were over 350 million domain names already registered. Even more are being added each month.

That means the chances are high that your first choice (or even your second or third) for a domain name will already be registered. The general consensus has always been that your domain name should be a shortened form of your business name.

For instance, if you own a wicket company called Acme, then would be an appropriate domain name. But this may not necessarily be the case.

One thing you’ll want to look for is SEO keywords related to your business. In some cases, it may be a geographic location to distinguish your business from similarly named companies in another region. Or it can also include a general keyword fitting your particular field of operation. Regardless, you need to think carefully about how your business name and domain name will relate.

A logo is worth a thousand words.

Do your domain research and stake your claim to your chosen domain name before you start designing your company’s logo. Ultimately, the company name (and logo) should be an extension of that domain name.

If you choose a company name and logo and then try to register the domain name, you will find it hard to get the name you want. Then, you may have to take a few steps back, rebrand your business, and spend thousands of dollars redesigning your logo. But if you choose the domain name first, you can specifically design your company name and logo to fit this domain. This will be an easier and more cost-effective manner.

Which comes first—the domain name or the company name?

In many ways, it may be necessary to choose a domain name built around SEO keywords and then work out from that to design your logo and business name. This will be easier in the long run and potentially save you money on logo redesigns.

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