Why Buying a New Email Address Can Be Tricky

One of the Internet services that caught on early with businesses was the use of email. With this invention, you no longer had to play “phone tag” and wait forever hoping your business associate or client would answer you back. You could simply type everything into an email and then send it off and wait for your reply.

But most people started their use of emails with personal accounts and these are no longer the best for business use. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about why you should consider buying a new email address for your business.


The first thing you should consider is the risk and liability that comes with using a personal email account, or in allowing your employees to do so. First, these emails are saved on a separate server which may not be fully secured, or at least not as secured as your corporate email server. Gmail, Yahoo, or even AOL accounts are fine if you are simply saving personal email correspondence with your friends and family, but they are not truly secure and can be hacked. This means that your corporate secrets and correspondence could be stolen if the servers are hacked.

It also means that the NSA can look at the emails sent through these servers since they all have cooperation agreements with the government. Now, you could have your business work saved on two servers—the private email server and the government’s server. Anyone who has followed the news of WikiLeaks and Russian hacks knows that the government servers have been compromised, which could lead to your material being stolen.


Another reason why you need to consider buying an email hosting plan is the professionalism that comes with it. For instance, if you use a personal email, it could be something like yourname@gmail.com. However, an email host allows you to personalize your address to include your job title and corporate name: accountsmanager@yourbusiness.com. This looks much more professional when working closely with other companies and gives you an air of formality. Additionally, if an employee leaves their job, you can easily lock them out of the system and switch that account to the new employee that takes over the position.

Choosing to buy a new email address does not have to be a tricky proposition. In fact, it is one of the safest choices a corporate manager can make for his or her company. It can provide you with the security and professionalism that you need to have to be competitive in today’s economy.

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