Email Setup and Local Support

Email is included with every hosting package and our friendly support is local right here in Denver.

What happens when you need help? We do not have a 1-800 number for you to call. Call us directly and we will be happy to help. Whether your need training on how use your account, or to get a walk through of how to connect your account to your new Smart Phone. We don't not leave our customers out in the cold or expect them to call some random support line trying to explain their situation to someone who barely understands the situation.

These days, so much is outsourced, we half expect the person helping us is working for four different support lines and everything is scripted. We end up speaking with someone in some other country and expect them to know and understand when we have an issue with the weather interfering with our cell signal here in Denver. Our technicians are local, right here in Denver and are happy to help with your support needs. Receiving too much spam? Lets check your spam filter settings and see if we can eliminate some of those unwanted emails.

• Unlimited Email
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Active Site Monitoring
• Personalized Support and Training
• Spam Support
• Additional Software and Functionality

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