How Subdomains Can Add Functionality to Your Website

If you’re looking to start an online business, you may not want to limit yourself to one website. However, if you want to set up multiple websites, this doesn’t mean that you have to register (and pay for) multiple domain names. Instead, you can set up subdomains under your main domain to help drive traffic to your website and enable you to run different sites that serve different functions.

A subdomain basically appears in the URL of your website as a distinction such as It doesn’t have to be a huge, cumbersome URL.

However, by choosing to do this, you’re actually helping the search engine optimization of your website. This is because search engines like Google will “see” your subdomain as its own website. This means that you have more opportunities to increase traffic to your website, and you can create your main website as an “authority” by providing backlinks from your subdomains to your main one.

So why would you want to run multiple websites from one domain using subdomains?

Let’s say that you’re running a hair salon. You can create a website that showcases your business and allows customers to contact you to set up appointments. But then, you can also create a subdomain website that is an eCommerce store that allows you to sell hair care products online. You could also create a blog that deals with trends in fashion and hair which can help drive more business to your website without actually being a page on the main site.

Although some people will claim that subdirectories will do the same thing, there’s one fallacy in this. Subdirectories do not appear as individual websites for SEO purposes. Because of this, it is generally considered more beneficial to add the subdomains to your site.

Subdomains are a great way to add functionality to your website by giving you the opportunity to run separate sites under the banner of your one main website. You can then draw in more traffic, have more features with specific sites for different functions, and improve your SEO ratings with Google and other search engines. What makes this even better is that it is fairly easy to set up.

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