Internet Non-Profits & How They Work with Your Type of Business

Deciding to partner up with a non-profit is something that businesses have been doing for a long time. With the rise of the internet, many non-profits have been able to expand their reach and offer even more to businesses. However, not every business does this, as they aren’t really sure how a non-profit works with their business. This is especially the case with non-profits that are more or less internet based.

The Benefits of Working with a Non-Profit

Before you can understand how working with a non-profit works, you need to understand why it works. Here are just a few reasons that your business should partner up with a non-profit.

- Better Employee Morale. Working for a company that cares about its community or cause is a way to show that the company cares. This boosts your employees' morale as they know that the company they work for isn’t just about the money, and wants to do some good as well.

- More Revenue. While working with a non-profit should not just be about money, it is a factor. When partnering up with a non-profit you are able to get your business’ name out there more and it is attached to a good cause. This expands your customer base and, in turn, increases your revenue.

- Tax Breaks. Again, this should not be a reason to partner with a non-profit, but it is a great benefit. A charitable contribution can be a tax write off, thus, saving your company more money which is usually a good thing. However, be sure that the non-profit you are working with is a qualified organization.

How it Works

Now that we know the benefits, we can look into how it works.

Plainly spoken, when you partner up with a non-profit you commit to helping their cause. Sponsoring events such as food drives, fundraisers, and different types of charity events are the most popular ways to help.

As you are helping the non-profit with the event set up or cost, they are helping you by making it known that your company is a partner. This comes in the form of advertising on t-shirts, banners, in speeches, and so on. However, when partnering with an online based or online centric organization the advertising comes in different ways, although still similar.

Most online based events are just fundraisers where a potential donor can find more information about the non-profit and donate money. So, instead of banners and speeches, your company’s info will be displayed alongside the fundraiser, or within the description.

All in all, working with a non-profit is a win-win for everyone involved. Your company gains new customers and looks good in the public eye, and the non-profit is able to continue its mission. An internet-based non-profit may be a new thing, but in the end, they are still trying to better the world and will always take help.

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