Struggles with a Do-It-Yourself Website

Many people are now using “do-it-yourself” website creators to help put together their site. However, many of these DIY site creators give you only a basic website that doesn’t stand out from your competitors.

Even worse, many of them have functionality issues that can cause your page to load slowly or crash unexpectedly. That’s why more and more DIY site owners are seeking out professional help to fix their site so they can be more competitive.

Here’s how a professional website designer can help you with your website’s struggles:

Loading Times — One thing that can be death to a business website is a slow loading time. DIY templates are notorious for being slow.

Recent studies have shown that the average customer will wait between two and four seconds for a website to load. If it takes longer than this, they assume something is wrong with the site or that it isn’t a quality site and they will choose another option.

This means that your slowly loading website could be sending people to your competitors. A professional web service can create a site that doesn’t rely heavily on plugins slowing your load time down. Additionally, the hosting service can ensure your website is on a fast-enough server that it can quickly be loaded.

Mobile Optimization — Another thing to realize is that the majority of people today are not reading webpages on a laptop or desktop computer; instead, they’re using mobile devices. This means that your website has to be optimized for mobile viewing so it can be read by those using smartphones or tablets. In fact, Google will now lower your search engine ranking if your website is not optimized for mobile devices. Many DIY creators don’t have the ability to handle this for you, but a professional web design service can help fix that issue.

If you are currently running into problems with your do-it-yourself website, then QSoft Designs can assist you with a free consultation. This will allow the designers to look at your existing site and see exactly what they can do to fix it so that it runs smoothly for you.

We keep your website running efficiently, so you don’t have to. We offer flexible hosting service packages starting at $10.00 per month, with several packages to choose from that will accommodate your specific business needs. Find out more about us and our web hosting at If you need help building a custom, optimized website, visit our other site: We specialize in helping the little guy - small businesses - with their online presence.

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