Template Functionality & Your Website

Today, it seems like almost anyone can have a website, whether it’s to run your own online business or to show off your hobbies and interests. One of the easiest ways to create your website is with a website template.

Unfortunately, not all templates are created equally and the type of template you choose can have an adverse impact on your website. A template that creates a simple website is ultimately worthless if the template doesn’t work properly and causes your site to load slowly or, worse, crash.

Here’s what you should know about template functionality:

What can go wrong with a template?

One of the biggest problems with website templates is that they contain plug-ins. Plug-ins are shorthand pieces of a website that perform a function without having to write the code for it yourself.

These can be really handy, but some plug-ins don’t play well with others. If two such plug-ins are loaded on your webpage, it can slow your site down significantly or cease to function. Also, templates are notorious for putting everything under the sun into one form. This means you have code loaded that you will never need or utilize. This is done in the hopes of being “everything for everybody,” but it ends up causing functionality problems.

What should you use instead?

The keyword when it comes to templates is “simplicity.” You should only use the most basic of templates that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The same goes for plug-ins. Fewer plug-ins gives you more functionality and lets your site load faster as a result.

In today’s market, you need your website to stand out from the others. When a customer visits a site, they expect it to load within a few seconds. If this doesn’t happen, they’re moving on to another site that will load quickly. In order to make sure your site is functional and loads properly, you should really look closely at the template that you are using to see if it is the cause of your functionality problems.

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