How Shared Hosting Affects Your Website

At first sight, shared hosting looks to be a great way to go. It’s cheap,’s cheap.  However, there are some things you need to think about before deciding to use a shared plan for your website. We’ve put together a list of three key aspects to think about before deciding on a shared plan.

Small Company VS Big Company

Although you may think that the bigger companies have an advantage here, that’s not necessarily true. The issue with going with a larger company is that they rely on server farms. These are extremely large data centers containing thousands of servers, and they are all connected. This is where the problems can start, and they don’t have to be with your website.

If a website that is on your server or on a connected server is hacked, your site is also at risk of an attack. Once a hacker is in the backend of a server, it is easy to move around. If they have the right tools they may get access get into whichever site they want.

Limited Websites 

The reason a shared server is shared is that your website is not the only website on that server. Having a large number of websites on one server can cause every website on it to slow down, and slow websites are no good. Visitors who come to a slow website will usually click away within a few seconds, costing you potential leads and money.

This is why we at Denver’s Best Web Hosting have a cap on websites for our servers. Not only does this minimize the chances of slow performance, but also makes it easier for us to service your website.


As one of the most important things about a website, SEO is vital to your site’s success. As we've mentioned above, a site's slow speed can not only cause a loss of visitors, it can also cost you good placement on search engines.

Everybody knows that Google is the most popular search engine. They base their rankings on keyword relativity, number of visits, and how site load speed. If a site is slow, the ranking is lowered, and that is not what you want.

Hosting is a very important part of any website and deciding which plan to choose can be complicated. Keep in mind these three categories when deciding and you'll be on your way to choosing the best hosting plan.

We keep your website running efficiently, so you don’t have to. We offer flexible hosting service packages starting at $10.00 per month, with several packages to choose from that will accommodate your specific business needs. Find out more about us and our web hosting at If you need help building a custom, optimized website, visit our other site: We specialize in helping the little guy - small businesses - with their online presence.

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