Should You Whitelist Your IP Address?

One of the practices that many companies are embracing is whitelisting your IP address. In general, whitelisting means you configure your company’s email filters so that certain messages aren’t labeled as spam.

It can also ensure that your employees can access whitelisted websites without worries about what they are viewing. But when you whitelist your IP address, you are helping to make sure that your emails (and your email campaigns) do not get sent to the junk folder.

Here’s why you may want to consider whitelisting your IP:

  • When you have a large network of employees all connected to a single IP address, it becomes difficult to monitor what everyone is doing. By embracing whitelists, you are ensuring that only the websites that are safe to use can be accessed. Conversely, by whitelisting your IP address, you make sure your business is accessible by those companies that are allowing whitelisted access.
  • Another benefit is the layer of protection that you get for your company’s website and network. Many hackers are utilizing bots that can attempt brute force attacks on your website. If you only utilize whitelisted IPs, you can stay clear of sites that will make such attacks.

This being said, whitelisting may not always be your best security solution. Here are the cons of whitelisting:

  • First, your employees may not always be logged onto your network when they conduct business. By sending out emails or work from hotels or other travel locations, these will be from a different IP address. Therefore, the whitelisting will not help out here.
  • Another problem is hostile employees—those with an ax to grind with the company. These individuals can take advantage of the whitelisting to send out malicious programs and codes or messages that can get your IP address blacklisted.

Because of the problems with whitelisting, it is important to not use this as your only means of security. Instead, you need to have a comprehensive security program including blacklisting hostile employees and ensuring best practices when sending out or opening emails.

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