How Important Is It to Clear Your Cache?

It’s always good to do routine maintenance on your computer, whether it’s at home, at work, or as part of your company’s network of computers. This keeps the computer running smoothly and saves you from having to do expensive repairs and replacements later on.

One of the regular activities you should get in the habit of doing is clearing your cache. But just what is that and what does it do for you?

Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Your Cache?

When you visit a website, the site will store temporary information on your computer regardless of what type of web browser you are using. When you visit the site again, the browser will access this temporary data allowing the computer to load the website faster.

The location of these temporary files is called the cache. When you clear the cache, the files are deleted and the browser will need to reload the website from the server again like it is visiting for the first time.

Why Clear The Cache?

The main reason you want to clear the cache is that it slows down your computer significantly. Imagine all of those websites you visit one time and then never go to again. Now, imagine that each one has stored a small file on your computer. That can be a lot of build-up over time.

By clearing out the cache, you are freeing up RAM and memory so that your computer will run smoother and faster. Sure, you may have to wait a few seconds the first time you go to a page you have visited before, but the results are well worth it with overall performance.

Cache files can also introduce privacy issues as sometimes the cache can be used to store private data such as your log-in information. This could be stolen if your computer is ever hacked. Regularly clearing the cache gets rid of that data.

Clearing your cache regularly just makes sense. It can be a once a month or quarterly event, but it is something that you do need to do regularly to help make sure that your computer runs smoothly and that you don’t store sensitive information for hackers to steal.

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