What is Google PageSpeed and Why Should You Care?

For years now, Google has used a complex algorithm to determine how pages are ranked on its search engine, and this has a direct impact on how many views your page gets. If you rank at the top of the search engine, obviously you will get more views, which will ultimately translate into more business.

Since 2010, they’ve used page loading speed as a major data point of this algorithm. But they have also developed a series of tools, called Google PageSpeed, that have been created specifically to help website managers optimize their site so that it can be scored higher on the algorithm.

Here’s exactly what these website speed tools are and how they can be beneficial to your business:

PageSpeed Insights — The first of the PageSpeed tools is PageSpeed Insights. This is a tool that can be opened for any website or URL and it will grade your webpage on a scale of 1 to 100.

This will tell you how “fast” your website is. Then the tool will tell you how to optimize your website so you can speed up the site. These suggestions will be prioritized so that you can determine which tasks can be done immediately and which might be more long-term fixes that you can work on.

How to use PageSpeed Insights — This tool provides you with red, yellow, and green coded suggestions on how to fix your website. Some of these problem areas may include:

  1. Hosting/Server — Your server may not be adequate for your web traffic and website design. If you are using a cheap hosting service, then this will slow your page down significantly
  2. Videos — If you have embedded videos from other servers, then it can slow down your page speed because you are at the mercy of the other website’s server. Instead, you might want to consider hosting it yourself
  3. Pictures — Optimize your images so that they are compressed and can load quickly
  4. Ads — Ads such as pop-ups and banners can be a real hassle. Even though they may earn you some money, too many of them may slow you down.

If you have a slow loading website, you’re going to drive away your customers. Many will only wait three to five seconds for a page to load before they assume your page isn’t worth the wait and move on to someone else. But Google’s PageSpeed ratings can help you to determine just how fast your page is and what you can do to fix it.

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